We get it, sometimes you just can't be here with us on a Sunday morning. This is why we live stream the audio to our Youtube channel every Sunday! We have members and faithful listeners who are actively deployed in the military and some who are physically disabled, and of course sometimes we just get sick. We all need the weekly teaching of the Word, so we want to make this available to you if you fall into any of the categories listed above!

Here at Missio Dei, we do, however, believe it is the call of all Christians to be faithfully gathering in person, as often as physically able, with their local church, so please don't utilize this resource for anything other purpose than to supplement while you're unable to join us!

Hit the subscribe button below to subscribe to our channel, and follow this link to click the notification bell to be notified each Sunday as we go live so you never miss the start of the sermon!

If this ministry has helped you, or if you have any technical issues or suggestions, feel free to email us at info@missiodeinj.com