Welcome to the online home of Missio Dei church! Please, take a nice long look around! You'll find a ton of resources and information is available to you here, but if you want to connect further, head over to our Connection Center to drop us a line on any of our social media links or email. Have at it!

Our Name

MIssio Dei is an interesting name that comes straight from Latin. It means "Mission of God"

God's mission is to have us share the Good News of the salvation we can have through believing in Jesus with anyone and everyone we come in contact with. That's why we have a heavy emphasis on being in our local community of Glassboro, because the more people we can rub elbows with, the more Good News we can share!

We would like to invite you out to any of our service times and locations and check out our social media pages below to chat with us some more about who we are and what it is we do. 

Before you do though, we would invite you to consider just one thing:

What mission are you on?

Our Mission

The mission of Missio Dei Church is to establish Gospel Centered Community inside the church, to faithfully deliver Gospel Centered preaching to the church, and to make Gospel Centered disciples for Jesus wherever the church goes.

The Table, The Pulpit, & The Square

We've recently adopted some helpful imagery from Pastor Joe Thorn's recent work The Life of the ChurchBelow, we'll outline to you these simple shapes along with their simple meanings.

The Table

The Table represents the first portion of our mission statement: Gospel Centered Community inside the church. The circle represents our church family, and the arrows pointing inward represents the processes of inward growth: learning together, praying together, and serving one another to name a few. No one at Missio Dei has "made it". We are all learning and growing together, thus the table is a perfect picture of family sitting down at a meal, debriefing with one another, sharing things that have been going on in our lives, and coming up with solutions to tough problems together. The practical outpouring of this is seen in our midweek Community Groups.

The Pulpit

The Pulpit represents the second portion of our mission statement: Gospel Centered Preaching to the church. In this shape you see an upward arrow, indicating our interaction with God through sitting under the teaching of His Word each week. We take the Bible very seriously, as it is one of the primary ways in which God has revealed himself to us! Therefore, the right preaching of God's Word is vital to the health of the church. The practical outpouring of this is primarily in our Sunday service, where we spend about 45 minutes on average opening God's Word and hearing right preaching from it. 

The Square

The Square represents the third and final aspect of our mission statement: making Gospel Centered Disciples of Jesus. In a way, the Square represents "the public square" where we, as a church, rub elbows with those in our local context of Glassboro, NJ. We love our town, and seek to share Jesus with her by serving her at town gatherings and interacting with the people that reside here. The arrows pointing out toward each corner of the square accurately represent this goal. The practical outpouring of this is seen in our events, outreaches, and service opportunities to the town of Glassboro and it's people. 





111 East High Street

Glassboro, NJ 08028


Sunday: 10:00am

Wednesday: 7:00pm*

Thursday: 7:30pm*