Spiritual Disciplines Resources- Meditation

Well, new year, new series and we’re already through week 1! Throughout our Spiritual Disciplines series, we want to provide you with additional resources to help you as you apply the Spiritual Disciplines to your own lives throughout the week.

We have two resources for you this week for the discipline of Meditation: Streetlights Audio Bible and BibleMemory.com


Streetlights is a fantastic app that gives you high quality Scripture readings with relaxing ambient music in the background. Readers include many spoken word/hip hop artists, including members of Beautiful Eulogy, a band we hold dear to our hearts at Missio Dei.

I recommend this to you for this reason: You’ve been charged with reading the whole book of Titus every day of this series. We’re not against getting creative here at MD, so use your time wisely. Some people need to sit at a desk with their Bible and journal open as they read, others might be helped by this audio Bible. It’s completely free so give it a try.


Additionally, we encouraged you to highlight certain verses that interest you and dedicate yourselves to memorizing them. Biblememory.com is a fantastic tool for you to utilize memorization techniques and couple that with the Word of God. They have a free app to use with multiple Bible versions available to use for a little bit of cash.

That’s all for this week! We hope to continue updating these spaces with resources for you each week!