Equipped: Are Christians Responsible for the Orlando Shootings?

Oh the insanity...

Sunday morning we woke up to news of a mass shooting in an Orlando, Florida nightclub leaving 50+ dead. As we learned more throughout the day, it looked more and more like a radicalized Islamic man targeting a homosexual nightclub. 

Today I woke up to see an article headlined "ACLU lawyers blame 'Christian right,' GOP for Orlando terrorist attack" For real? Yes, for real. Chase Strangio hailing from ACLU responded to people's heartfelt condolences by tweeting:

This type of thing infuriates me personally. This past week, Justin made reference to a particular kind of injustice that infuriates him, the kind where the good guy is perceived to be the bad guy and is treated as such. But that's the story of the Gospel isn't it? Sorry. Rabbit trail. That's just to say that's where I feel Christians are this morning. Yet another thing that's our fault that actually has nothing to do with us. Yay.

I don't have much to say this morning. It's early, and I'm out of coffee which means there will be no waxing eloquent on my part at this point. However, I do want to equip my fellow MDers with some responses to attacks against Christianity in this vein of insanity.

Is the Bible a Book of Violence?

The following video is a debate between Christian apologist David Wood and Islamic apologist Shabir Ally. David beautifully defends the Bible (and therefore biblical Christianity) from some heartfelt attacks against its character. Please take some time to listen to it this week, and share  your thoughts in the comments below.

Pitman Tragedy


This past Tuesday tragic news hit my block in Pitman: one of our neighbors strangled his 6 year old son to death and beat his wife in the head until she too died. Needless to say my community is shaken. The kids on our street have lost a playmate, their lives forever scarred by the decision of one man. I felt it necessary to make a few comments on the events of this past week 

All have sinned

I think one of the most important things to remember is that we all stand before God guilty. This is not to make the impact of this tragedy less, but I've found my own tendency to forget my need for Jesus to save me when I focus on the wrong of others. While this behavior isn't normative, humanity's sin is ubiquitous: we can't escape it. Have you burst out in anger at your children this week? Have you treated your wife's sin as more grievous than your own? Have you indulged yourself in selfish sin in your singleness? 

Jesus is the hero

For all the sin that we commit, Jesus' death killed it, burial buried it, and resurrection left it forgiven in the grave. As we've been reminded of our own sin, we should also remember the great sacrifice Jesus has made for humanity's sin. He doesn't want us to wrong our brothers, sisters, spouses, or children, but rather run to him, accept forgiveness, and live life differently for him. To live on mission for Jesus gives us intense purpose in our otherwise mundane lives.  

If you have any questions about your sin or Jesus forgiveness, feel free to email me personally at jesse@missiodeinj.com or the church directly at info@missiodeinj.com. As always, feel free to share this article and pass it around.