MD|slack: Notification

This one will be short! 

Notifications for your MD|slack account are completely customizable! By default, you're notifications are off, except if another user mentions you. We highly recommend adjusting this, as this means you are likely to miss important updates and communications!

To do so on the Slack mobile app, simply tap the three dots in the top right, tap settings. Once there, tap push notifications, and change this setting to "activity of any kind". That's it!

You can further customize notifications for each individual channel by going to on your computer. When you have a channel open, click the settings gear at the top of the conversation and click notification preferences. This will adjust the notification preferences of only that channel. This is useful if you are in a channel that you simply want to manually check (like, say, #general) versus a channel that you'll need notifications on for (such as #urgent-needs).

As always, you can reach out to our Communications Elder Jesse Gruber on Slack if you have any questions, or email

MD|slack: #channels

Channels Drive Slack

So the first thing you should know is that Channels are the driving force of what you'll be centering around in MD|slack. Once you sign up, you are automatically entered into our default channels: #general, #prayer-requests, #urgent-needs, #tech-support, and #events. These channels will provide you the basics to dive in and start talking to other MDers. To access the full list of channels, swipe from left to right in the slack app.

Each #channel you join has a description. You can see the description by tapping the #channel name above the conversation. There you'll find the purpose of the channel, as well as some guidelines as to what you can post in that particular channel.

Finding and Joining #channels

There are more than just the default list of channels available to you on MD|slack. To see a full list of channels that are available to join, slide out the menu to the left and hit the "+" next to "channels". This will bring up the "Browse Channels" menu where you can see a full list of public channels available for you to join. Browse away and join the ones you're interested in!

As always, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions (or post them in the #tech-support channel in MD|slack!).