Celebrating Church

Church, Iceland.jpg

When you walk into the realm of 'what should a church service should be'...boom, it explodes. People start highlighting the Regulative Principle and grabbing proof texts. I don't have all that kind of time, so instead I thought we could just clarify what church is not.

Church is not a place to be overly religious and celebrate our amazing  piety. It is, however, a great place to celebrate. The Bible very clearly highlights that God is a God of pleasure. He finds and takes pleasure in Himself and His creation. He also outlines in His Word how we can find the most pleasure in Him and His creation, He would know because He created it.

It's not only His creation - it's also His Church, and He wants us to have pleasure in it as well.  It is with this that we get to the real point. Tonight we will be celebrating. Literally celebrating the Church. Jesus' church. We are going to acknowledge those that have connected to our Covenant Community in Membership...wow it sounds Like a car club or Sam's Club...No! It's Family. God's family and we need to celebrate! So be ready ...

Also, and even more importantly, today, we are not in Genesis! I know collective sigh of relief...wink, wink. HOWEVER, The Launch Team is having an open Q&A discussion on all things Missio Dei.  If you have questions on how membership works, how we are working on establishing leadership, what, exactly, our mission is, tomorrow is your chance to enter the family discussion and dialogue with us. We will also be discussion how we are moving to accomplish our mission, and anything else you are curious about. There will be some very specific ground rules so don't go getting crazy on me.

We are excited to have the family time and celebration that is coming! So be thinking and ready to engage and celebrate with us tonight.

["Church, Iceland by Bryan Pocius]