Read with us during Advent


Hey guys! Advent is here! Yay!

I've created a super easy way for us to dive into some Advent Scriptures that I wanted to share with all of you.

Getting started

What you'll need:

  • Faithlife Study Bible App
  • Free Faithlife Account
  • Computer access
  • 10 minutes

Download the Faithlife Study Bible app (here for Android; here for iOS) and sign up for a free account. Then, log on to and sign in. Then, head to to join our community.

Head back to the app, and you should see a section called "Today's Readings" and a Genesis passage for Advent. Click and you're ready to start!

Faithlife as a resource

Faithlife is put out by Logos (same guys who make our church presentation software, Proclaim). I highly recommend diving into their Bible app. Not only can you follow along with us as we read through Advent, but it will also connect with our presentations on Sunday, allowing you quick access to references and content. 

Drop a comment, or contact us on facebook, twitter, g+, wherever if you need help signing up or downloading anything!

**If you currently use the Logos Bible app, there's no need to download the Faithlife Bible app. Just sign into Faithlife with your Logos username and password and join our group. Your reading plan will appear in the Logos app automagically.