Missing Missional Opportunities

[photo via http://www.flickr.com/photos/clintjcl/4457294321/ ]
[photo via http://www.flickr.com/photos/clintjcl/4457294321/ ]

We just had a huge snowstorm last night. There's a ton that goes through my mind when we get snow in our area. Will my Jeep start so I can get home from work? Does my wife have to travel in this? How's my Grandmom in all this?

Fortunately, my car did start, my wife stayed home, safe and sound, and my Grandmom is just fine.
This morning, I was fiddling on the computer completing some tasks for my up and coming design business. I noticed my neighbor snowblowing his yard. I watched for a few moments (to see if he was doing it right), then went back to work. It wasn't til about an hour later as I was talking with Hannah that it hit me: Why wasn't I out there helping him, showing him Jesus? Did I really just completely miss a missional opportunity?

The more I invest in Missio Dei, the more I encounter situations where I can be missional. What will I do with them? Will I take the chance and be Jesus to my neighbors? Or will I sit tight in my comfort zone and be selfish? The more opportunities I encounter, the more opportunities I turn down. What do I do about missing a missional opportunity? I think there can be three steps to rectifying a missed missional opportunity:

  1. Get up and do something- I don't mean this is a harsh way, but in such a way as to provoke us to action. Rather than wallow in our failure, we can often still redeem our missed opportunity before it's completely gone. If you realize in enough time, get in the ring!
  2. Apologize- This might seem like a weird step. After all, it's not like we "sinned" necessarily by missing an opportunity. This step is to create a new missional opportunity to rectify the one you missed. For instance, as soon as I'm done composing this post, I plan on Facebook messaging my neighbor to let him know I saw him out there in the snow, as well as to apologize for not helping out. This could open up good Gospel dialogue with him.
  3. Repent- This looks like remembering this missed opportunity, and taking steps to not miss it again. Next time it snows, I'll make sure I'm up early to help my neighbor shovel his yard.

Have you missed any missional opportunities recently? What's your plan to get back in the game?