Why You Should Be Concerned About Your Worldview

Have you heard of the upcoming FOX/Nat Geo show called "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odessy"? It looks to be a phenomenal discourse on God's spectacular creation. From far off galaxies to the smallest cell, the show aims to take a closer look at the nature that surrounds us. But this show has me a little concerned. Why is that do you think?

Did you know that one of the producers of the show is Seth McFarlane? That's right, the Family Guy guy. He's an outspoken atheist. The host is a prominent agnostic. What does this matter? Because there is a good chance that there will be very prominent naturalistic themes throughout the show that will not be very considerate of other worldviews.

What's a naturalist? What's an agnostic? What does anything have to do with you??

These are the kinds of questions that we as a church family need to be engaging with in order to better serve the kingdom. Many of us are ill prepared to engage in worldview discussion surrounding the views listed above. We'd like to extend to you an opportunity to learn more about different worldviews and, more importantly, defend your own with reason and finesse.

Join us this coming Saturday at John and Pat's house at 5pm to learn more about what this study will be about and how we'll move forward. Apologetics is an incredibly important aspect of our faith that we need to engage in. I hope to see as many of you as possible on Saturday!

[image via facebook.com/cosmosontv]
[image via facebook.com/cosmosontv]