The Importance of MD|Online

This past week we announced the launch of a brand new service called MD|Online. This is going to be every MDer's one stop shop for giving, online community, and events. It took the elders several months to review a few different platforms to find the perfect fit for Missio Dei. Listed below are why we picked MD|Online, and why it’s so important to sign up for a free account.

  • Access to what you need- Like I mentioned earlier, MD|Online is a one stop shop. No more searching facebook groups that you may or may not have access to, missing event invites, or anything of the kind. Users have access to our calendar of events, event sign up, online giving, and groups. What more would you need?
  • Better event processes- Very few people actually sign up for events. We know this purely by experience. MD|Online integrates the events with our public calendar, as well as RSVPing for each individual event. Events are listed on the main page of the software, and are the first thing you’ll look at each time you log in. That said, don’t forget to RSVP for events!!!
  • Lets the leaders do what they do- You won’t see all the tools available on the back end of MD|Online, but the elders do and use them to better understand our little flock. It has ways to track people who may have drifted away from community, or remind us to reach out to newcomers that check in. These little details are crucial to “running a tight ship.” We think you’ll start to notice a difference soon!
  • Better group systems- We call them better for a few different reasons. First off, they’re all in one spot. No more searching between platforms!

We've already started to add groups to MD|Online, and there have already been communications sent out through it. Don't miss out! Sign up here.