Rowan Move-In: Why We're Here

It's simple...Glory

We are here for glory. No. Not our glory. God’s Glory. The glory is His to begin with. Consider, for a second, that the God of the Bible is real and is who he claims to be. Then it’s very clear that our purpose, and the only thing that fills us, is to glorify God, While we search for this purpose in the chasing of our comforts, pleasures, and relationships;  God is saying “I made these and here is how they work. If you want real joy, listen to me.” Suddenly, when we use them His way, these temporary, fleeting things can fill the  infinite void in our hearts. 

We here at Missio Dei want nothing more than to love and serve our communityi as an opportunity to show the Gospel. In that way we can glorify God by making much of Him to everyone, and in turn be a church that is pouring itself out for the Glory of God and the good of man. We understand that this may leave you with a thousand questions, questions we are more than excited about working through with you. We have a reasonable faith that is the best news for all people, and we would love to talk to you about who Jesus is and what that means for us, so approach us at an event, call, text, tweet. Reach out however you want. We’d love to start a dialogue