On Legalism: Some Quotes

This past Sunday, Justin spoke on legalism and Acts 11. This morning I wanted to know some of the method behind the madness and took a peek at the Sermon Notes from this lesson and found some gems that would be helpful for me to share with you. If you haven't listened to the sermon, you can listen to it below. I'll then leave the quotes with no further comment. Please listen to the sermon for further edification and clarification regarding context!

At the moment the really important thing seems to be that you were brought to realise (in the strictest sense) the impossibility of rejecting Christ. Of course He must often seem (to us) to be playing fast and loose with us. The adult must seem to mislead the child, and the Master the dog. They misread the signs. Their ignorance and their wishes twist everything. You are so sure you know what the promise promised! And the danger is that when what He means by ‘win’ appears, you will ignore it because it is not what you thought it would be—as He Himself was rejected because He was not like the Messiah the Jews had in mind.
— C.S. Lewis
If you do not expect the unexpected, you will not find it; for it is hard to be sought out and difficult.
— Clement of Alexandria quoting Heraclitus
The Legalist places the Law ahead of the Lawgiver. In so doing, he fails to enjoy the the Giver because of the assumed weight of the holy law. He seeks the Fathers things instead of the Father, and trips over the rules on his way to building a tower to the sky.
— Justin Gruber
Joy comes from a mental shift first and the doing of things second. (Phil 4:8 [think], 9 [do])
— Justin Gruber

Summer Listening

Ever since High School, I've made a habit of devouring as much content as time has allowed me. Over the years, I've run into some pretty great podcasts that I thought would benefit our body if I shared them out for you guys. These podcasts are all different lengths, so no matter how much (or how little) time you have, you should be able to squeeze some good content into that summer brain.

5 Minutes In Church History


Category: Short, Information

RC Sproul's parachurch ministry, Ligonier Ministries, puts out a podcast geared towards getting church history into the hands of the modern church. Many reformed leaders would argue that if you're not learning from dead people, you're doing something wrong.

In this podcast, Stephen Nichols briefly covers a range of topics from creeds, to laymen, to church history icons in just 5 minutes. Great if you only have a short commute to work, or take a while to brush your teeth. 

Reasonable Faith Podcast

Category: Medium, Apologetic

If you've been hanging around for the past year or so, you may have heard one of the MDers talk about William Lane Craig. He's a giant in Christian Apologetics and philosophy. Not only that, but he also has a podcast for us to listen to! Every Monday, Craig and his Co-host discuss varying topics centering around apologetics and theology.

If you listen for a couple weeks, you'll probably gain some valuable insight applicable to questions about Christianity you may have had for your entire life. A great gem.

The Briefing

Category: Medium, Christian Living/Current Events

Probably my favorite recent discovery is put out by Albert Mohler every morning. This 20 minute program goes through headlines from various news outlets and picks apart the worldview issues associated with them.

This is an absolute goldmine for all Christians everywhere. I highly recommend this one. 

Calvinist Batman and Friends

Category: Medium/Long, Informational/Christian Living

Every morning Batman comes home from working the streets of Gotham and starts producing the Calvinist Batman podcast. This is a weekly podcast where Calvinist Batman gathers some big (and some small) reformed names and chats on a range of topics.

I just recently started listening and already I've gained some valuable knowledge and different perspectives. Also, Batman.

The Dividing Line

Category: Long/Looong, Informational/Christian Living

To wrap up, we come to James White's twice-a-week radio show/live stream/podcast, The Dividing Line. Dr. White is unashamed of the Gospel, and does not back down when pressure from cultural norms come storming our way. A master of exegesis, it's important to glean some fantastic snippets from Dr. White.