Study Session

As I was studying for nursing school at the Barnes and Noble for Rowan University in Glassboro, I was secretly studying the people around me as well. I went to B&N on a mission: to familiarize myself with the culture Misiso Dei is trying to reach. I watched two younger guys make spreadsheets and discuss finance two tables down. To my left was a girl  sitting "coffee shop-style" in an oversized lounge chair reading a book. As my study session progressed, I realized that this is doable. 

Church planting has been a huge (exciting, but huge) task in my head for the past few weeks. Glassboro looks a lot bigger when I look at it as a mission field, a warzone. But watching the people in B&N, I realized these people were just like me. That fact alone gave me peace. Jesus came to save people like me, so there should be absolutely no reason why I need to be intimidated about the seemingly daunting task of planting in Glassboro. But I still wondered, What does it take?
"Glassboro looks a lot bigger when I look at is as a mission field." Post to Twitter
Then a man with a limp started tripping down the escalator. 
I shot up and got to him (the only one who tried, which astounded me). The poor man's cane had fallen the 30ft down the escalator, and I accompanied him the rest of the way down, making sure he didn't' follow all his belongings down as well. After he was situated, I rode back up the escalator and continued studying.

That's what Glassboro needs to see! They need to see Missio Dei in the community, helping to make it better, and sharing Jesus as we go!

We're currently forming a mission statement, but it's only for legalities. We know what mission we have! As we look forward to our soft launch November 4th, lets not forget it! See you Sunday.