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bootcamp diary entry: Tuesday flight
I was wondering when one comes to grips with being identified with the idea that you now introduce yourself as a "church planter"? What in the world must that sound like to someone who is unchurched. Heck even the term unchurched is foreign to the unregenerate. Crap! Unregenerate? When was the last time you used any of these words in a sentence outside of church?

bootcamp diary entry: Tuesday Arrival at apartment
Really nice section of town. God provided a great location for us- within walking distance of our conference. We ate at a local pub and had awesome pizza and a beer- turns out we think it was a gay bar. Anyway, I was thinking over the day. Work, then a funeral, then vote, then pack, then fly here, then eat with my buds. God did some amazing things today.  He powerfully forged ahead of my wife as we attended a very tense funeral. A time that I thought would fill her with fear and strangle her with inferior thoughts turned out to be wonderfully smooth. She summed it up on the way there, "if fear controls us then there's no room for Christ to control us". Pretty good day.