Bootcamp decompression thoughts

Bootcamp Blog: Reorientation

I've been thinking of how God uses anything at His disposal to warm I a person's heart.  At the Acts29 Bootcamp this past week I watched about 600 men sing with passion songs about their God.  Some raised hands,  some bowed their heads, some were on their toes, but most all were singing loudly to God.  What the heck was that about. 

In the real world men are solitary, territorial souls that mingle only over hobbies, sports, or common interests. This week I met men from all over the country,  whom I knew nothing about, shared no connection with, or who knew me; interact through the only common thread that stitched us together: faith in Christ. This seemingly tenuous thread has broken through the stigmas of maleness,  blown apart the stereotypical ideas of manhood, and destroyed our cultural bent towards machismo. This thread of salvation can make grown men sing like seraphim, pray like holy men of old, and weep with the most derelict of repenters.

My point is that there is a movement that God is growing that is making true men,  manly men that actually sing passionately instead of just moving their lips,  who love Jesus,  cherish their wives, and forsake those childish things that take and consume instead if give and build up. These are the men I observed and interacted with.  These are the types of men that God is raising up in this country to begin new,  vibrant, gospel centered communities called churches.  I was blessed to be part of this grand and godly movement.  Thank you,  God,  for encouraging my heart through Your work in the hearts of my band of church planting brothers.