Lunch with a Fellow Planter

bootcamp diary entry: Thursday lunch

digest this for a lunch: I saw an opp yesterday to meet with a young church planter who is currently working with Epiphany Church in Philly. I exchanged numbers and we texted back n forth to see when we could meet. We landed on lunch today. We met him on the steps and introduced ourselves.  I must say,  we instantly connected. We ended up walking and talking of how God was working in our lives. We ended up walking several blocks before we realized we needed to actually eat during our lunch break.  We ended up at Uncle Bill's breakfast restaurant. We each shared our story over various styles eggs.

Weston shared his heart for the Germantown section of Philly- his only hesitancy was it wasn't "hood" enough.  What do you mean it's not good enough"? "no, not HOOD enough! " you see,  Weston is an urban church planter.  His burden is to reach into the hurts and needs of the inner city neighborhoods. He has spent several years planning and being trained to plant a church.  I have no doubt that he and his wife and 1 and a half children (one is due in March) will be used in Germantown to proclaim the Gospel.  We were so encouraged by him and look forward go being with him the his first Sunday he meets. A new friend was made and we can all use new friends to complement our old ones.