Dinner and a movi... ng message!

bootcamp diary entry: Wednesday Dinner

We found a great local spot called "Local Harvest" and I had a Missouri Meatball stuffed with all kind of goodness. But what we really devoured was a conversation about the mission and vision of MD.  WE ARE DETERMINED TO NAIL THIS DOWN ASAP!  We bought dome wine and local homemade icecream and had desert in the apartment. My head is swimming with encouraging stuff and my heart is ready to get back and tell Pat this crazy notion that we are full steam ahead.

bootcamp diary entry: Thursday

bfast in the apartment consisted of leftovers: last of the icecream,  finished of the bottom of a sweet Riesling,  bagel with cream cheese,  and coffee. arrived at the conference to have Darrin Patrick speak into the marriage aspects of a church planter. OUCH! started off with familiar stuff from Ephesians 5 and I thought "man I got this thing nailed"!  wasn't too long though that I realized I had been hoodwinked into a very convicting sermon on just how poorly I've included my wife in this church plant notion- and most other areas of my life ad well.  I have some repenting to do when I get home. Darrin's wife ended the session speaking from her heart about what a a husband can do and be in this planting process- man did that help me!