Wednesday ACTS 29 STUFF

bootcamp diary entry: Wednesday wake up
That great pizza last night had great lasting effects on me but I am so psyched to get rolling with the conference. It starts at 1 so we have the morning to acclimate to the setting. It's a beautiful section of the city and the conference is literally a walk in the park to get to.

bootcamp diary entry: Wednesday Conference begins
Had an awesome bfast with Justin n Nathan. At the journey church chatting with acts29 staff. Already made some good connections planning on making more!
First session
Wow!  Worship is ernegetic in a way I've never seen before! "Praise the Lord oh my soul, oh my soul. Worship His holy name"

Speaker John Bryson: "Don't just plant a church, plant a teaching church! One that teaches and trains leaders to plant another church". "itvs better to mot planta church than to plant a jacked up church" . "Church plantingbis miserable and awesome all wrapped up into one".  Matthew 5 (feeding of the 5k) "Your ability to plant a church is like 5 sardines and a few saltines". "Boys take and consume: men give". "There were only 4 peoplr in the garden God, Satan,  Adam, and Eve. . . and Adam still couldn't pin it on himself! "